(Dorcas Timberscombe Topper x Golden Camrose Tess)
Fantango was one of the  most dominant sires of his time. He won the Stud Dog Cup for 7 years running, and produced several Champions, who were themselves to have an influence on the breed.

(Ch.Camrose Fantango x Ch. Jane of Anrbria)
Tallyrand was also to prove influential as a sire, as he too produced several Champions including the legendary Ch.Camrose Cabus Christopher.

(Ch.Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria x Cabus Boltby Charmer.)
Still 2nd top sire of all time,all breeds, in UK.
Known as“Toffer” to his friends, Christopher was from an outcross mating of Ch. Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria to Cabus Botlby Charmer, and bred by Mrs. Zilpha Morgan (formerly Moriarty).  However both his parents were from line-bred lines, and I believe this helped him be such a pre-potent sire.
He was from a litter of 9, and I chose him because he favoured my Camrose line more than any of the others . He was no oil painting as a puppy ! Until he was over 6 months old, he was cow-hocked, and had a terrible front, and the most enormous woolly coat I have ever seen !
Fortunately, everything fell into place, and on his first outing  at 7 months old, he was Best Puppy at a Championship show.  After that he took his Junior Warrant 3 times over,, won his first c.c. at 2 and was made up at 3.  However, it was not until he was 7 years old that he started to hit the high spots, and during that year he won Best in Show and several Gundog Groups, and took his last Group at the age of 9 (just a few months before he died).
His total of 41 c.c.s was only beaten by one by his double grandson , Ch.Styal Scott of Glengilde, but his 2 Best in Shows is a record still in the breed.  He also won 4 Res. Best in Shows and 8 Groups all at Ch. .Shows.
His record as a sire still stands today, with a total of 27 Champions in U.K., and a total of 66 Worldwide.
He pioneered the use of Frozen A.I. in dogs, and his semen has been stored for 30 years, and he  has created another record by producing a litter of 9 pups  28 years after his death.

(Ch.William of Westley x Ch.Camrose Jessica)
Nicolas was a Best in Show winner at an All-Breed Championship Show. He also had Field Trial awards, and produced many Champions.  His dam, Jessica, was a Ch. Fantango daughter.

(Ch.& Irish Ch. Cabus Cadet x Camrose Wistansy)
Phoenix produced many Champions and his line is carried in several Champions of today.

(Ch.Camrose Cabus Christopher x Sh.Ch.Camrose Matilda)
Tarquin sired 10 Champions and another 5 c.c. winners and his blood lines are carried through to my present dogs, and in those of many other kennels.